First REAL and really dead client, OMG!

This is exhilarating, exciting, strange, wonderful, tragic and serendipitous, all at the same time. A very close friend of mine has lost his dear mother a short while ago and has not yet found the right time, circumstances, energy and support to celebrate her life. AND NOW I GET TO BLOW HER UP, literally!!!! Jesus Christ on a bike, can I even write this?? I asked my dear friend if he's ok with it, and he agreed, so I guess I shall now report on my first ever Baerstattung.

I shall keep you posted, but whereas it will be a rather small ceremony, it will be exactly the sort of ceremony I was hoping to create as the motherfucking Baerstatter. It will be different, we will find the time to mourn, we will find the time to celebrate, we will have a laugh, we will wonder if we're doing the right thing but hopefully, in the end, we will remember his mother forever as someone caring and special with flaming red hair, across two continents. Thank you for trusting me, dear S***.

In other news, I think I will write in English as of now. I hope that's ok.

I'm dying to hear your feedback.

Thank you, the Baerstatter




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